About Us

Sana Living

Sana Living’s beginning was driven by a passion to create beautiful pieces for anyone who longs for bold yet stylish living, those who eager to make the most out of furnitures and in a home. Combining the best from the past and the present, our style is rooted in our rich heritage of tradition and craftsmanship, with sophisticated approach.

Started in Indonesia, we are blessed to be abundantly surrounded by natural resources which could become not only a material to build our collection, but also inspire us to create every piece to show how beautiful they can be if handled the right way.

By aiming to make the extraordinary out from the ordinary, we always put our thoughts on every step we make, from scratches on the paper to the finished products we deliver to every doorstep. Because we believe every detail counts, and it is where the beauty comes from.

With the help of our well experienced craftsmen from years of experience, Sana Living promises to deliver not only well designed and finely build products, but also passion from every single piece we made.